In 2009 I started studying Computer Science with a focus on Game Development at the SRH Hochschule Heidelberg. I started this planning to become a 3D Artist, but there I found my passion for programming. Since that time I developed strong knowledge of C#, for both games and powerful enterprise applications. Also I’m familiar with the basics of C++, Javascript and HTML.

I like to learn and teach myself new things. That’s how I tought myself to play electric guitar and the drums. I played in the schoolband and we also toured some pubs, after finishing school.

As a very active person I do lot’s of sports. What kind of varies over time as I like to discover new things. Pretty constantly I am running doing half marathons frequently and also finished my first marathon in 2017. Squash is one of the constant sport types as well.

Always going through the world with open eyes I developed a passion for photography. As often as possible I stroll around with my camera to shoot pictures and videos. With this hobby I learned to use image and video editing tools like Photoshop and Adobe Premiere. A small collection can be seen and bought on Shutterstock and/or Instagram.


Very good programming skills in C# and solid knowledge of Javascript/Typescript. As well as basic C++ knowledge. The last years my focus was on developing game-like experiences and AR Apps with Unity as well as developing and maintaining Windows Apps.

Pretty fresh to my portfolio I can add Unreal Development as I’m specializing into Tech-Artistery by using Unreal in my job at Rare Earth.

More for my spare time projects I still create 3D models, mainly with Blender. I also learned Maya and Cinema4D. For texturing my models as well as for editing images I have a good understanding of Photoshop.

With filming/cutting movies as a hobby, I am familiar with video editing tools such as Adobe Premiere and After Effects. I am also able to work with professional video cameras.

Work experience

Rare Earth Games since September 2020

Finally back to game development. As a Tech Artist I am now part of Rare Earth Games.

WienIT January 2020 till July 2020

Newly arrived in Vienna I dove right in. In this effort I did help the Viennese Stadtwerke to go more 3D. This included putting holograms of water, gas and electricity pipes in the ground with HoloLens and replicating train tracks through the Austrian alps in VR to train fresh drivers. I layed out some groundwork here to build a fundament they can continue on.

sovanta December 2014 till December 2019

At sovanta I worked as a Windows App and Unity3D developer. sovanta is specialized in simplifying complex business processes. With our apps we make complex SAP processes accessible for anyone, or tailor a UI for the specific need of a customer. This is were I got used to work in large software projects.

Up to date the most exciting project and my biggest challenge is a museums exhibit for the Klima-Arena in Sinsheim. For this project I was given the development lead and am responsible to develop a simulation which is meant to run on a tunnel built of 112 OLED TVs. I am also heavily involved in the concept for this project. See the media coverage (german) here.

Learn more about what I did at sovanta here…

zeitland March 2014 till November 2014

At zeitland I was able to deepen my knowledge of the Unity3D Engine. As developer I had to maintain lots of customer projects. I am especially proud to have been involved in “Das Magische Museum” for the Ravensburger known for their boardgames. The result of the project was an augmented reality boardgame, where a smartphone on a tripod was constantly scanning the game area taking the role of the game master.

Unfortunatly commuting time was less than fine and relocating wasn’t an option at that time. I would have liked to stay with zeitland a lot longer.

Sportulation von Dezember 2011 bis Dezember 2013

Within two years at the end of studying two fellow students and myself tried to get of a start-up. It started great with an Exist-Stipendium awarded by the german government. Finally the lack of finding the right business partners or further funding took us down after two years. In short we built a collection of kinect controlled and guided games, where you had to perform physiotherapy exercises. With the kinect we checked if the user was moving correctly, providing feedback and engage him more in the exercise.

SAP January 2011 till June 2012

In my one and a half years at SAP as working student and intern I worked on several projects during my study. One of the larger ones was the concept and development of a tool which guided the employees to the best fitting internal communication tool for their purpose. That’s where I started learning Flash.

Another ongoing project was for SAPs internal news channel. With the goal to raise employee engagement with that channel, I developed a series of minigames which each covering the top news of the week it was released.